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Aura Scanning And Suggesting Crystal

Half an hour call to understand client, then after scanning we suggest best sutable crystal.

  • 30 min
  • 1,200 Indian rupees
  • Kolkata

Service Description

Wearing crystals according to your aura is a way of using crystals to support and enhance your energy and well-being. Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body, and it reflects your emotional, mental, and spiritual state. Different crystals have different properties and energies, and by selecting crystals that resonate with your aura, you can amplify your positive qualities and balance any areas of imbalance or blockage. To determine which crystals to wear, you can start by assessing the colors and qualities of your aura. You can do this by using meditation, visualization, or by working with an experienced aura reader, that is where enchanted life can help you to know your aura and select your crystal. so hurry up and book NOW.

Contact Details

  • Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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